MIUI 12.5

MIUI 12.5

Updated wallpapers

“Super Wallpapers” is the perfect combination of art and technology. The beauty of nature with 3D effects and animation are the impressive improvements in terms of design.

System optimization on a new level

The power consumption is reduced by 15%, and the processor load is 22% less.

When the processor is overloaded, the work of the gadget is slowed down. For the updated MIUI 12.5 the quick response is a priority. Therefore, the smartphone will react to the gestures instantly for a better experience of using the gadget.

New notes system

With the new MIUI 12.5 note-taking system, you cannot just capture ideas, but create an outline to structure your notes. Thanks to quick access to notes on the main panel, you can capture any spontaneous idea and won't forget about it.

The text can be formatted into lists, and then the smartphone can easily rebuild them into a mind map for you. It’s an ideal feature for those who like to structure and visualize information. Also, you can now make drawings using the drawing toolkit. The drawing of geometric shapes has also been simplified - the system will automatically draw lines and recognize the shapes that you want to depict.

Updated sound settings

The user can adjust the level of tactile feedback - you can select different vibrations in the settings. The range of notification sounds has expanded with the sounds of nature and animals.

Privacy & Security

The update concerns tracking of the current location for some applications. Now the user can select an approximate location. So the app won't receive the data about the current location. The update also affected the access to files and photos. Now the system will separate files and photos so the applications cannot access all of them. You can add a list of sites in Mi Browser that the system will block in order to avoid data theft. Also, the firmware will receive a filter to detect malicious content.