MiOT Ecosystem

MIOT Ecosystem is a large network of smart devices that bring the future to your door. The company applies most recent technologies of manufacture and works with the most sought-after industrial designers to provide you with long-lasting and stylish-looking gadgets that make your life easier.


Cell Phones & Smartphones

21KE the manufacturer of smartphones and feature phones.





Black Shark the most perfect gaming smartphone with top equipment, stereo speakers, and a liquid cooling system.





SUNMI an innovation-based enterprise that manufactures Android commercial hardware with high cost of performance for O2O internet platforms.Download Presentation





QIN the manufacturer of a granny-friendly feature phone with some AI capabilities and 4G radio.





Pocophone the the manufacturer of powerful frameless smartphones with a dual main camera 12 + 5 Megapixel, a selfy-camera 20 Megapixel and a liquid cooling system..





Smart Home

Mijia a company that creates technology, sensors, and accessories for a smart home.





Yunmai a company that creates sensors and accessories for a smart home, Smart Scale, etc.





Viomi  — smart water purification devices to provide clean drinking water for you to enjoy its true taste. Download Presentation





iCHUNMi  — smart kitchen appliances to cook like a chef.





WURO a company that creates technology, sensors, and accessories for a smart home.






Dreame — was established in 2015. It is an innovative company with the main goal to improve the quality of living for users all over the world. The range of products includes smart household cleaning appliances.





SWDK the manufacturer of a unique mop that will ensure the cleanliness of your home with the use of cutting-edge technologies.





Deerma the manufacturer of electric mops, vacuum cleaners, clothing care appliances, humidifiers, and other household appliances. View presentation





MiniJ manufacturer of the wide range smart household appliances and electronics: washing and drying machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, etc.





Roborock robot vacuum cleaner with "artificial intelligence", which analyzes own movements and forms a cleaning route.





SmartMi the manufacturer of "smart" household appliances and sensors that take care of your health.





VH the unique eco-friendly fan with touch control and almost noiseless operation.





MiiiW Technology a technology product company focused on personal productivity tools, specializing in PC peripherals and other efficiencies tools, like a mouse.





Aller manufacturer of ultramodern sterilizer with the innovative technology of bipolar plasma sterilization lonTube, as well as a hygrometer that monitors the temperature and humidity of the room in real time.





TINYMU manufacturer of clever Bidet Seats for a toilet, which will take care of your daily hygiene.





XPrint manufacturer of a unique photo printer with the ability to print an AR photo.






Vima — the manufacturer of smart door loсks with a high level of safety.





LUMi — smart sensors and free „Smart Home” app guarantee safety and comfort in your house.





Aqara a company engaged in the creation and development of smart home systems, as well as remote control of the house. Download Presentation





Beauty & Personal Care

Soocas(Soocare)  — smart dental equipment to create a beautiful smile and improve oral health. Download Presentation





DOCTOR·B vendor of Dr. Bass toothbrushes that have a more efficient bristle construction. Download Presentation





Miaomiaoce a company that creates technology, sensors, and accessories for a smart home.





Oclean the manufacturer of the first intelligent sound electric toothbrush, the company is oriented on the production of safe preventive medical devices connected to IoT.





iHealth  — smart tonometers take charge of your and your family’s health.





Yueli  manufacturer of the portable ionic massage comb





HANDX (ZHIBAI) best shaving sets





Leravan always advocated a modern healthy life, to help you keep a healthy state, determined to become a healthy brand, relying on a strong advantage of the massage industry, real strong software and hardware development team, innovative research and development, has a number of patents and other personal health products to make massage convenience anytime, anywhere.





SMATE  manufacturer of ultra-modern products that take care of your beauty, like Hair Dryer etc.





Vivinevo producer of men's and women's perfumes with a pleasant and delicate aroma, created by a professional perfumer with a world-famous name - Harry Fremont.





inFace manufacturer of ultrasonic face cleaner that opens the pores on the skin, and directs the flow of positively charged ions.





AirPOP manufacturer of masks-respirators made using the latest air purification technologies.





Senthmetic manufacturer of practical insoles for shoes that will take care not only of comfort but also of the health of the user.





Yuwell  this brand brings the concept of professional health management to everyday life. The company implements innovative solutions in the "Health Ecosystem", which consists of home health care devices.







Smart Watches and Bands

HuaMi certified Xiaomi partner, who produces smart bracelets and smart scales.





AmazFit smart and stylish bracelets made by HuaMi.





Weloop manufacturer of the stylish innovative smart band and smartwatches.Download Presentation





Smart Lighting

Yeelight — smart, unique and wireless technologies to witness a  magic of the light. Download Presentation 1, Download Presentation 2





COOWOO Xiaomi partner logo
COOWOO manufacturer of car accessories: chargers for mobile devices, electric lamps, speakers, etc.





Photo & Video Cameras

iMi the IP-camera with a futuristic design and six IR sensors, which let you shoot even in the darkness.





XiaoYi smart cameras, action cameras, video recorders, security cameras etc. Download Presentation





MADV manufacturer of panoramic photo / video 360 ° cameras.





70MAI the company specializing in the production of cutting-edge DVR, making the process of driving even more comfortable. Download Presentation




Audio & Video

1MORE certified Xiaomi partner, who develops high-class sound systems. Download PresentationDownload Presentation 2





QCY high-quality Bluetooth-headset production.





XGiMi home cinema projectors for a super-sized entertainment. Download Presentation





Inovel manufacturer of high-tech professional visual display systems, such as living room theater TV, portable intelligent laser projector, large-screen splicing display system and other products.





Appotronics manufacturer of projectors with advanced laser fluorescence display technology.Download Presentation





WHALEY manufacturer of ultramodern projectors with a built-in professional speaker system that will allow you to enjoy the richness of the image and the excellent sound quality.





TiinLab manufacturer of professional electro-acoustic equipment using the unique patented technology "TFAT".





HAYLOU manufacturer of a convenient and functional Bluetooth audio receiver and high-quality headphones with a magnetic AMP sensor.





Electric Transport

QiCYCLE smart, comfortable and stylish bicycles to cruise around town. Download Presentation 1, Download Presentation 2





Ninebot self-balancing scooters and monocycles for adventurous rides around the town.





UMA  young and stylish company that provides smart urban transport solutions: bicycles, scooters etc. Download Presentation 1, Download Presentation 2





Yunmake young vendor of smart bicycles and scooters to get around town. Download Presentation





Batteries & Chargers

Zaofeng Xiaomi’s the manufacturer of universal wire, made for connecting and charging the three devices with different operation systems at the same time.





ZMi Xiaomi’s supplier of power banks, batteries, and chargers. Download Presentation





Kingmi smart and safe power extension cords.





Car Electronics

RoidMi smart car technologies for a safe and comfortable ride. Download Presentation





Life Style

QIMIAN the manufacturer of belts and shoes which are made of tanned leather by special technology.





Fiu the manufacturer of ergonomic cup with a sucker that can keep the temperature of beverage for a long time.





Popuband a company that creates technology, sensors, and accessories for a smart home.





Kiss Kiss Fish manufacturer of thermos flasks with OLED-display. Download Presentation





RoyalCicadas is top bone porcelain tableware Beijing brand. Product characteristics such as “thin as paper” “white jade” “as the mirror” “sound like chime” tone the Royal cicadas bone porcelain unique charm.





HuoHou kitchen brand, by the selection of high-quality raw materials, carefully designed and tested, to create a series of high-tech, user and environmentally friendly kitchen utensils, to provide consumers with new experience on behalf of the high quality of life. So that you'll love to cook.





Purely  develops ultramodern air-purifying masks with active filter and inbuilt fan. Download Presentation





365WEAR manufacturer of high-quality and fashionable clothing.





TS (Turok Steinhardt) manufacturer of polarized nylon sunglasses with effective protection against ultraviolet radiation.





ZaxArt manufacturer of stylish home pajamas and other clothes made of light and pleasant cotton fabric.





One Cloud a manufacturer of stylish home shoes from combined natural materials, which helps to relax after a hard working day.





Pomelo manufacturer of high-quality roll paper from natural cellulose, which is remarkable for its surprising softness and unique antibacterial properties.





Bu-Ye manufacturer of comfortable slippers made of natural cotton with a wear-resistant TPR-sole.





U-REVO manufacturer of warm women's pantyhose, quality underwear, stylish handbags, fashion purses, warm winter shoes, as well as comfortable men's shorts and windbreakers.






QIU (7th)  is an innovative sports brand, focusing on the majority of sports enthusiasts to provide the ultimate experience of sports products and services. Explore the fun of the sport together.





Li-Ning one of the leading companies in the production of sports goods, including footwear, clothing, sports equipment, and accessories for professional athletes and amateurs.





Showmeplus manufacturer of the light-weight running shoes FreeTie, the technological umbrella Pinlo, and many other useful accessories.





FreeTie lightweight running shoes with an improved streamlined design, upgraded sole unit, and great control.





Move It gave the world its first all-in-one mobile smart gym. Download Presentation





MITOWN the developer and manufacturer of sports goods, compression linen and other.





GTS manufacturer of fashionable and comfortable sneakers from mesh fabric and lycra.





Products for children

Qingdao — the manufacturer of the legendary Thomas the Train with one hopper car.





BEVA — a company focused on developing high-quality children's product, with the best raw materials and with excellent design, to please children and satisfy parents.





SON OF OAK — manufacturer of environmentally friendly children's carpet-puzzle from a cork tree.





Deerting — is a provider of high-quality baby products and services for new mothers, to give the baby a better care so the mother and baby grow up happy together.





XiaoYang — manufacturer of multifunctional kangaroo backpacks for children from environmentally friendly and safe materials.





Kola Mama — manufacturer of heaters for baby bottles and towels, as well as sterilizers for effective disinfection and drying of baby bottles.





XUNKIDS — manufacturer of children's products: computer with artificial intelligence, stylish watches with a built-in camera, as well as sneakers similar to the Adidas and Nike.





Honeywell — a high-tech progressive enterprise that specializes in the production of devices/ sensors/systems aimed at fire safety, masks - respirators made using the latest technologies for purifying inhaled air, as well as quality children's shoes.





700Kids — manufacturer of a unique children's runovel, which is easily transformed into a full tricycle.





Snuggle World — manufacturer of ultralight children's overalls from soft hypoallergenic knitted fabric.





XiaoJi — the leading manufacturer of game controllers.






Sui Sui the conical-shape eco- chopsticks made from natural rice peel.





Tongshifu manufacturer of a remarkable furniture set made of natural black walnut





Zen`s Bamboo  the manufacturer of universal organizers made from natural bamboo for portable storing clothes, tableware, and office supplies.





Yuansu(Nature Household) the manufacturer of the garment covers that reliably protect the clothes from dirt and dust.





XiaoXian capsules for washing, made in a form of a turquoise gem. One capsule can replace 30 grams of laundry detergent.





Yi Wu Yi Shi manufacturer of chopsticks, cutting boards, household appliances, daily necessities, and many other goods.





8Н (Eight Hours) — smart sleep devices to make those 8 most important hours of the day as restful as possible.





Fine Mading manufacturer of luxury cups from elite porcelain.





Jolie Home manufacturer of high-quality bedding in gentle tones.





Tonight the development and production of textile products for the home (pillows, blankets, etc.)





77+ — is the first home brand. Collaborated with internationally recognized mats manufacturer VIAIR, which supplies international retailers such as MOHAWK HOME, LOWE’S, COSTCO, TARGET. 77 + is loved by young people but also is the international quality mat brand.





Bedding+ — focused on the production of natural, organic, and comfortable bedding product, from the domestic first-line textile manufacturing and internationally renowned design agencies.





COTTONSMITH  brings together the first-class domestic textile designers,  also committed to fiber and textile technology.





Fucha Qingyun — beautiful casual designers clothes





ZSH designer and manufacturer of 100% cotton items. The company aims to promote cotton towels production process to a brand new level.





Thinkskey smart devices for monitoring and improving sleep quality.





Wowtation advanced portable screwdriver genius. Download Presentation





IdeeBank the company with innovative and creative ideas in smart technology. Download Presentation





Like Some the manufacturer of a comfortable bathroom set consisting of Sponge Baths, Soap Dish, and a Toothbrush Cup





Nature Household manufacturer of drawers, standard and hanging covers made of durable breathable material Oxford and designed for clothing storage.





Momoda manufacturer of a unique chair that performs a full body massage and is controlled by a mobile application





HALOS — the manufacturer of a smart hard disk with a capacity of 1 TB, which supports synchronization with multiple devices at the same time and can become an intellectual "storehouse" of data for your family.





Loock manufacturer of the smart lock, which is equipped with a fingerprint sensor and the ability to input a password on the lock, or in a mobile app





Zelkova  — the manufacturer of a smart lock with an electromechanical safe mechanism, a fingerprint scanner and the ability to enter a six-digit password.





Wiha  — a manufacturer of high-quality hand tools like a screwdriver, which has been repeatedly awarded for innovation and design.





17PIN  — producer of quality sets for drinks from borosilicate glass, as well as transparent drawers from polypropylene for the clothes and accessories storage.





Happy Life  — manufacturer of wall holders and hooks, which will comfortably accommodate a variety of accessories in the bathroom.






Amazpet smart tag for dogs that can control the life of a dog.





Home plants

Huahuacaocao smart plant care gadgets from a company who learned to speak the language of plants. Download Presentation






RunMi Shanghai Runmi Technology Co., Ltd. is the first consumer goods company in Mi Ecosystem. Committed to creating a quality travel experience, it provides users with a complete travel solution at a competitive price. In 2016, it became one of the top 10 companies in Mi Ecosystem with the great sales revenue generated from its top brand 90FUN. 





BLASOUL  the brand committed to providing innovative and professional gaming equipment for the majority of gamers. The brand of Dingju Innovation Company.





JESIS the brand that focuses on innovative decisions for gaming experience. Well-known for it’s’ mouse with fingerprint unlock. The brand of Dingju Innovation Company. Download Presentation





Pinlo an incredibly compact and lightweight umbrella to protect against rain.





Umbracella a durable umbrella made of Japanese carbon fiber T700 with effective protection against rain and UV radiation (40+)





Guildford manufacturer of high-quality covers for smartphones.





KACO manufacturer of fountain pens and gel pens, as well as other office supplies





KACOGreen —  is a domestic cutting-edge original design brand, is committed to becoming the leading Chinese fashion leader. It’s original fine stationery gift brand. KACO has won the German Red Dot Design Award, the German iF Design Award, the Japan G-mark Design Award, the Taiwan Golden Point Design Award, and the China Design Award.





DiiZiGN manufacturer of ultramodern stand for laptop and smartphone with a brilliant design.





SimFun is a high-quality daily necessities brand. Adhering to the brand philosophy, and strive to make every customer fell in love with the good side of the product, emphasizing the upgrading of quality goods, and quality of life.





Shanghai Science and Technology Co.





Yueme Beijing Yue Mi Technology Co.





Clean-n-Fresh Spray, which will help delicately clean the dirt on the screen of a smartphone, tablet, laptop.




Food & Beverage

PINGZE the best Chinese traditional leaf tea.





Shogaya Сonfectionery is the wide range of food brands. Delicious fruit for the brand concept, the global raw material producing areas, selected top ingredients, the natural taste to accompany your beautiful moments.





Square shop a wide choice of nutritious ingredients and healthy food with natural taste qualities.





Zhiwei Xuan manufacturer of delicious and crispy sweets with a natural nut filling.





OneWine a wide choice of nutritious ingredients and healthy food with natural taste qualities.