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    With the SKG K6 Neck Massager, which also features a specially designed U-shape for the user's neck, you can relieve tension from your shoulders and cervical spine in just about 15 minutes.

    SKG K6 is called smart for a reason, because it can connect to smartphones running on Android, iOS via Bluetooth.

    An ARM processor is integrated into the massager, which controls the massage process and "monitors" the maintenance of a constant temperature when using the heating function.

    In total, the massager provides 3 heating modes: low-temperature (37°C-39 °C), medium-temperature (39 °C-41 °C), and high-temperature (41 °C-43 °C).

    The massager is made of a combination of artificial leather and highly elastic plastic, and is also available in several colors.

    It weighs only 121 grams, so you can take it with you to work, on vacation or on a business trip.

    There are convenient control buttons on the body of the device, with which you can adjust the modes and intensity of massage in order to relieve fatigue and pain from the cervical spine and again feel a surge of strength and energy!

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  • Specifications
    Type: Smart Neck Massager with Heating Function
    Model: K6
    Materials: Highly elastic plastic, PU leather
    Number of massage modes: 4
    Number of heating modes: 3
    Duration of massage: 15 minutes
    Wireless connection: Bluetooth
    OS Compatibility: Android, iOS
    Charging port: USB
    Size: 135 x 138 mm
    Weight: 121 g
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Xiaomi SKG K6 Smart Neck Massager White
Xiaomi SKG K6 Smart Neck Massager White
Xiaomi SKG K6 Smart Neck Massager White
Xiaomi SKG K6 Smart Neck Massager White