Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink

  • 16 GB
  • Short info

    * Unfortunately this product is discontinued. Please check Similar Items for newer devices.



    All-metal case, lighter by 38 grams, thinner by 18%
    Even thinner, even lighter! Compared with the previous generation MiPad thickness of Mi Pad 2 is barely 6.95mm. Mi Pad 2 has an aluminum case, which in addition to the attractive exterior look also is lightweight, reliable and durable. Moreover, unlike the plastic casing, aluminum has a nice gentle shine. In addition that the casing of the tablet has been more pleasing to the touch, for its polishing, we used sandblasting technique, which preserves metallic texture and improves tactile sensation.

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    Comparison of Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and Apple iPad Mini 2

    Comparison of Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and Apple iPad Mini 2

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  • Full description

    Mi Pad 2

    • Thin all-metal case, powerful specifications
    • Intel ® Atom processor
    • Screen 7.9″ with 2048 × 1536 Resolution
    • All-metal case
    • 6190mAh battery

    Thickness of the Pad is 6.95mm
    All-metal case, lighter by 38 grams, thinner by 18%
    Even thinner, even lighter! Compared with the previous generation MiPad thickness of Mi Pad 2 is barely 6.95mm. Mi Pad 2 has an aluminum case, which in addition to the attractive exterior look also is lightweight, reliable and durable. Moreover, unlike the plastic casing, aluminum has a nice gentle shine. In addition that the casing of the tablet has been more pleasing to the touch, for its polishing, we used sandblasting technique, which preserves metallic texture and improves tactile sensation.

    Extraordinary tablet
    Unusual processor
    Intel ® Atom ™ X5-Z8500

    Every day, all technologies are improving, that is why Mi Pad 2 is equipped with the latest 4-core processor Intel ® Atom ™ X5-Z8500. Mi Pad 2 is based on a 64-bit processor with the introduction of 14-nm technology, which allows you to improve the balance between energy efficiency and productivity tasks. Integrated graphics processor Intel ® HD Graphics, which increases speed of programs and games, and sensitivity of response. This Mi Pad 2 has 2 GB of RAM, which in turn increases power of the tablet. Therefore, you may notice acceleration response time when you are opening application, a significant reduction in the time delay during games. Move to your goal, without any obstacles.

    • Technology 14 nm
    • 64-bit processor
    • 16/64 GB ROM

    Any game of your choice

    12 categories, 3300 bright games, fun pastime with Mi Pad 2

    Even larger screen, even more opportunities
    Retina-display with a diagonal of 7.9 “

    Play games and watch the incredible special effects on a large 7.9 inch screen Mi Pad 2. Display with more than 1.5 times of 1080p resolution, is making image “alive” and bright, and each line of text becomes clear and understandable. In addition, Mi Pad 2 can highlight the excellent screen visibility, so you will not have any problems watching videos, photos, web pages, or shopping.

    2048 × 1536 Resolution, 326 PPI

    Lock Button prevents accidental clicking on the tablet

    While watching a video or playing a game, home, return and main menu buttons are automatically disabled , so you can not accidentally switch off the video or to stop gaming.

    Watch interesting programs

    Up to 580,000 hours of video content

    6190mAh high capacity battery
    USB A type-C two-way port
    5V / 2A fast charge

    What opportunities has tablet, which is equipped with a high capacity battery 6190mAh? Huge! Continuous playback of 100 hours of music or 12 hours of watching video online. Duration of continuous use of the tablet is enough to surf the Internet, play games, watch movies. If your tablet ran down, it is not a problem. It supports fast charging 5V / 2A, so you need to wait a short time and then continue your entertainment.

    • Watch 12 hours movies online continuously
    • 648 hours in standby time
    • Use Mi Pad 2 for book reading

    Good viewing, good lens, good pictures!
    8MP Camera

    For good photos, we have equipped Mi Pad 2 with high quality 8 megapixel camera. Framework viewfinder of tablet is even bigger, press the shutter button and 7-inch photo will appear before your eyes. 8MP camera with excellent quality graphics, as well as a set of different filters with which your images will be extraordinarily beautiful and unconventional. Make photos using a 7.9-inch tablet Mi Pad 2, and then edit your photos. Be creative and make incredibly cool pictures!

    • Lens aperture f / 2.0
    • Video recording 1080p
    • Support for Bluetooth 4.1 technology with low power consumption, connect a wireless headset and listen to music or connect to other Smart devices.

    Dual-band antenna
    802.11ac Wi-Fi

    Mi Pad 2 is equipped with a new generation of wireless technology, compared with 802.11n, high-speed wireless network connection in more than 2! 2×2 Dual antenna, high speed internet access allows you to quickly connect to the network and to communicate freely with friends, to share your photos and easily download your favorite apps.

    Updated tablet with new surprises!
    Windows 10 (64 GB version optional)

    You know thoroughly Windows OS, now you can enjoy it on Mi Pad 2. Install Office software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which also provides you with high efficiency. It is very convenient, because your way of work on the tablet will be similar to the work on the computer. Mi Pad 2 is more convenient and more compact than a laptop, put it in a bag or in a pocket, and tablet is always at your hand.

    Office (64 GB version optional)

    Pre-installed version of Office mobile, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which also provides you with high efficiency.

    APP Store (64 GB version optional)

    Wide range of applications, games, more movies, TV programs and music novelties — all offers of Windows.

    Mi Pad 2

    Fullmetal flagship, containing a variety of books and video games. Windows 10 (64 GB) version optional.

    Movies, TV shows, live programs

    With Mi Pad 2 you can anytime, anywhere watch your favorite movies, TV series. Built-in applications for viewing video on Youku, QIY, Fun TV, PPTV and many other video resources. See a variety of events, news, entertaining programs for children, concerts and much more. Compact tablet thickness of only 6.95mm, with rich content in it.


    Cinema is in your hands. A wide range of different applications to watch video: Youku, QIY, Mango TV, Souhu, PPTV and many other video resources that provides “range” of free video content. Daily updates, support for offline watching. In addition, in an airplane or on the way to work, watch exciting programs or your favorite films.

    Up to 12 hours of online movies watching

    Mi Pad 2 has a large capacity battery of 6190mAh, so can provide you with 12 hours of watching movies online, which is comparable to watch 6 films. It will entertain you during long journey.

    • 7 hours of internet
    • 12 hours of book
    • 12 hours of watching movies online
    • 100 hours of music listening

    TV series

    Mi Pad 2 supports HD video, so any time you can use it to watch the latest episodes of favorite TV shows such as “Lanfyabang”, American TV series “2 broke girls” or “Flash”. Portable tablet is very comfortable for watching TV shows, lying in bed or on the couch.

    Watching movies offline with your friends

    Did not finish watching film or the latest series of the show — not a problem. Finish watching it offline on your way to work.

    A wide selection of films in different categories

    Mi Pad 2 has not only a large variety of different films. You can also find content in physical education, anime, TV shows, documentaries and more. Watch popular TV series such as “The Running Man” or “Happy Camp”. Watch also “One Piece”, “Naruto”, “Gintama” and many other great anime. In short, everyone will find what he likes the most.


    Playing not only previously held sport events, football matches, basketball, boxing, cycling races, but also an opportunity to watch live. From now on, going on travel, take Mi Pad 2 with you, and every minute of your time will be full of emotion.

    TV Shows

    Use Mi Pad 2 for watching your favorite TV shows. No more need to worry if you did not watch your favorite program on TV, as they are certainly will be already in the content of your tablet.


    Mi Pad 2 has an access to watch video from Youku, QIY and Tudou and many other video resources that provide a “range” of free video content. Spend your leisure time with fun and interest with Mi Pad 2.

    Watching programs online anytime

    Watching live

    Mi Pad 2 can be used for live television broadcast. A live broadcast of the Central TV, satellite TV and many other channels on physical education and sport, children’s channels and more than 60 other local channels. Switch on tablet and enjoy watching your favorite programs and movies.

    Colorful and stylish case
    To protect the tablet

    Simple and reliable, and at the same time colorful cover designed specifically to protect Mi Pad 2. When you open the cover, tablet automatically “wakes up.” Use the cover as a stand for the tablet for more comfortable viewing of pictures or movies. Put it on the table in front of you and do not put off your housework for later.

    High-quality music playback
    Technology Smart PA

    Optimized Mi Pad 2 supports Smart PA. Dynamic diapason has become even wider, so when watching a movie, playing a game, you will be accompanied by high-quality sound. Improved technology of the separation of the human voice, when watching movies. Therefore, even with a noisy background sound, the voice of the hero will be very clear and straightforward to understand.

    Your personal library thickness of 6.95mm

    If you have Mi Pad 2, there are no barriers for book reading. Up to 60,000 different books, including classic works and modern literature. With Mi Pad 2 you can read at any time and in any place. Books size of 7.9″ with more than 10 kinds of typography. Start reading and you just can not stop. Additionally, tablet also has a special mode “eye protection” mode “reading at night” that will protect your eyes.

    Retina-display with a diagonal of 7.9 “
    Matches to the size of the book

    Reading is one of the ways of learning the world. Mi Pad 2 is like a book with 32 pages that you hold in your hands, weight is only 322 grams, which is comparable to the weight of the magazine. Due to Retina-quality display, you can easily read every word, as if in a real book. One has only to start reading, and will not stop.

    Super heavy library
    In super lightweight tablet weighing only 322 grams

    It contains more than 60,000 different books, download and read at any time best for you

    Wide “range” of different books, from classics to modern literature, novels, magazines — all these fits in a compact and lightweight Mi Pad 2. Personal library is always at your hand. Drop the tablet in the bag, and it will not matter whether you are at home or in the city, late or early, take out tablet and read books.

    More than 10 kinds of typography

    For all tastes

    Optimized Mi Pad 2 supports up to 10 diverse types of typography. Photo-text, vertical writing, mathematical formulas, etc., support for reading books in PDF format. Plunge headlong into reading books.

    A large volume of literature, divided in categories

    View images of all available licensed books, get what you really interested in. Browse a list of the most popular literature, favorable feedback from readers on the site Douban and download books on the tablet. After downloading, each book will be on its “shelf”, so you’ll quickly find it at any time and continue reading it. You can also download and save books according to their category, such as short stories, novels, nonfiction. After automatic synchronization with the “cloud”, even if you change Xiaomi device to a newer version or a different model, downloaded and read before stays with you.

    Classical Literature and Fiction

    Foreign or national classical literary works ... Lu Xun, Rabindranath Tagore, William Shakespeare — all can be found in our extensive library. “Talk” with the writer, listen to his novels and stories over a cup of coffee.

    Anime and children’s books with illustrations

    Rich and quality resource of not only comics, but a collection and availability of literature of Europe, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and more than a thousand different books with illustrations.


    Browse through the latest issues of popular magazines on the tablet — displaying bright colors, clear image of the text, trendy and stylish photography. It seems like in your hands to be a real magazine.

    Read on and make your notes at the same time

    When reading different books, additionaly that you can adjust the font size and change the background color, you can also make your bookmarks and notes, which makes reading books more convenient and useful. In addition, the tablet supports the “cloud” synchronization, which means that every book stored on your tablet, you can open on your smartphone, computer and continue reading it.

    Night mode and eye protection

    In order for a long time reading and not feeling any discomfort, we have created a regime for protection of your eyes, in which significantly reduced the risk of asthenopia (eye fatigue). If you are reading a book in the dark, you should switch on a night mode, at which there are appropriate light settings of the tablet’s screen, in particular of background. Thus, you can easily see and read all words and not to feel any pain and fatigue in eyes.

    Stable work of tablet, more enjoyable gameplay
    Intel ® Atom ™ X5 Processor

    Mi Pad 2 is equipped with the latest 4-core processor Intel ® Atom ™ X5-Z8500 with the introduction of 14-nm technology and high-quality HD Graphics GPU. Forget about any problems with the delay of the device. Plunges headlong into an exciting strategy games, action, puzzle games, get a lot of pleasure from the gameplay.
    HD Graphics graphics processor 2 GB of RAM

    Need for Speed ​​17: The most popular game

    Classic Racing EA, maximum speed, a lot of impressions! Escape from the police, build your career. More new, well-equipped racing cars. Drive Lamborghini, Pagani supercar and many other cool cars, lots of ​​adrenaline, blood boils in your veins.


    Game takes you into the 22 century, when the Earth and humanity will want to be captured by aliens. The most daring soldiers resolved on a deadly fight to resist intruders. Feel the pressure of battle and a powerful force of your hero.

    Sniper Elite V2

    New shooter, darkness and a rifle in his hand, a cold-blooded battle for victory.

    Game Mi Store

    Plenty of games for every taste

    Have at itself Mi Pad 2 is the same as to carry thousands of games. Enter Mi Store and download the game at any time. Different categories of games, classic, strategy, logic, and many others. Switch on tablet Mi Pad 2 and have fun.

    • Online games
    • Single-player
    • Racing
    • Logical
    • Tower defense
    • Playing cards
    • Battles

    Boom Beach

    Gripping and desperate fight, which takes place in the dark. Invasion on the beautiful island of the enemy. You need to take charge and lead your army to victory. Show your courage and cunning to liberate the island from the evil.


    Each player starts the game with 9 points in his chivalry, on its territory. Punish evildoers and banish evil from the darkest corners of the world.

    Angry Birds 2

    Rovio sequel! In the game there is a new bird named Silver, various 3D effects even more special spells. Attack Bossa’s territory. More points from upgraded birds.

    Trials frontier

    New version Trials frontier from the creator of RedLynx. New tricks on the bike, make a call to the Earth’s gravity, Unleash your wild alter ego.

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    Attention, fasten your seat belt! Press on gas pedal, hold the steering wheel, this is “Fast and Furious” races, sneak out from the police and win your opponent at drag racing.

    Naughty kitties

    Super casual game about super action seals. The combat team under your strict guidance is capable on incredible things! Control the air warship, in which is your team, and allocate responsibilities among your subordinates.

    Dino on fire

    Dinosaurs have built their own principality and created an army that protects their home from the enemy and winning trophies.

    NBA Dream Team

    Incredible 3D basketball with Shaquille O’Neal in the team. The real feeling as if you are present at the game. Lead your team to victory and make it a champion among others.

    Even more popular games
    Come and see more at Mi App Store

    A huge range of games in Mi App Store. Support for not just mobile version, but also adapted games for big screen. Everyone will find something that he would have liked. Spend time with Mi Pad 2.

    Mi Pad 2 — your assistant in all matters

    MIUI System 7
    Powerful and useful built-in applications

    Mi Pad 2 has a large screen and is equipped with an updated system MIUI 7. It has an easy to use interface, useful features and differs with a stable work. As soon as you take the tablet in hands, you will immediately begin to use it. Practical, pre-installed applications of MIUI 7 system, for example gallery, which is not only displays your previously taken photos, but they are synchronized with the “cloud”, meaning that you can view them on other devices. Plenty of different games, applications for watching videos, reading books and etc. Quick search of favorite content. Weekly system update for wide range opportunities of your operating system.

    More books

    Never before book reading was so comfortable. More than 60 000 different books with illustrations of your choice: comic books, magazines and other popular books. Improved typography — photo-text, vertical writing, mathematical formulas, etc., good visibility of each word.

    Mi APP Store

    Even more interesting applications, show your creativity

    Pre-installed applications are just the beginning. While viewing content in Mi APP Store, you will find many interesting and practical applications: news, recipes, photo editing applications, or an application for budgeting. Visit Mi APP Store and download them at any time.

    Practical applications

    Recipe book

    See how others cook and learn it for yourself. Interesting and useful application for all cooks-amateurs, improve your culinary skills, discover new recipes and new combination of tastes.

    Listening to music

    QQ Music

    More than a million of licensed music, create your account (which you can use on your phone, computer and tablet), thanks to cloud-based file synchronization, you can anytime and anywhere listen to your favorite tracks.


    Retouching photos

    Retouching images is a program for integrated visual editing of photos. If your requirements are very high or photos you want to express yourself, then this program is what you need. A wide choice of filters, HSL color and other features will make your photos more expressive and unique.


    QQ HD

    QQ chat app is also great for tablets: to send documents, communicate, watch videos and leave your comments!



    Airbnb is an online marketplace for placement, search and short-term private rental accommodation all over the world. Stay over the night in a beautiful castle in the UK, in a cottage on the beach in Australia, or take advantage of CouchSurfing. A quick way to find a cozy and comfortable accommodation.

    Increased efficiency

    WPS Office

    Free office applications, full compatibility with office documents, support for cross-platform software, easy to use on the tablet. A unique reading mode, a distinct visibility and convenient flipping pages; support Microsoft Office, PDF, and 23 other file formats.



    Great app for learning to play the piano, with the feature of music book, function of the demo version of the audio file, doing exercises and providing assessments. Easy piano lessons on the tablet at any convenient for you time.



    Flipboard app, allowing you to stay up to date with the news, read topics that interest you, and share articles. Select several themes for reading, and Flipboard will create your personal journal.


    Portable Band

    Music simulator for your smartphone, tablet and computer. A variety of musical instruments, play the piano at the same time add to the rhythm drums and decorate it all with melodic guitar overtones. This is a mini musical orchestra which will accompany you everywhere!



    Too much work and no time for you to go to the gym. For the sake of your own health, challenge yourself and study at home as instructed.

    A wide range of applications in Mi App Store

    Mi App Store has a large selection of practical and useful applications. Each user will find something for themselves. Visit Mi App Store and follow new, recently added applications.

  • Specifications

    * Unfortunately this product is discontinued. Please check Similar Items for newer devices.



    Manufacturer Xiaomi
    Model Mi Pad 2
    Network No cellular connectivity
    2G bands: N/A
    GPRS: No
    EDGE: No
    Dimensions 200.4 x 132.6 x 7 mm (7.89 x 5.22 x 0.28 in)
    Weight 322 g (11.36 oz)
    SIM No
    Display type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    Size 7.9 inches (~71.8% screen-to-body ratio)
    Resolution 1536 x 2048 pixels (~326 ppi pixel density)
    OS MIUI 7.0 (based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow)
    Chipset Intel Atom X5-Z8500
    CPU Quad-core 2.24 GHz
    GPU Intel HD Graphics
    RAM 2 GB
    Memory 16 GB
    Card slot No
    Primary camera 8 MP, f/2.0
    Features No
    Video 1080p
    Secondary camera 5 MP
    WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
    Bluetooth v4.1
    GPS No
    Infrared port No
    NFC No
    Radio No
    USB Type-C 1.0 reversible connector
    Sensors Accelerometer, gyro, compass
    Battery Non-removable Li-Po 6190 mAh battery
    Color Pink
    Package 1 x Tablet
    1 x Charger
    1 x USB Type-C cable
    1 x User manual
    User manual PDF Download
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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2GB/16GB Pink