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    Amazfit Verge is a brand-new smartwatch, produced by Huami Company. Smart, modern and stylish watches will become your perfect fitness tracker and reliable smart assistant.

    • NFC Support
    • Integration with Smart Home
    • Voice Assistant
    • AMOLED display
    • 11 sports modes
    • GPS+GLONASS positioning
    • High-presence optical sensor
    • 5 days battery life
    • 512MB RAM/4GB Memory
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  • Full description

    • NFC support
    • Smart Home Control
    • Built-in Xiao AI voice assistant
    • 11 Sports Modes
    • 5 Days Battery life
    • AMOLED Colorful Display

    IoT device on your wrist

    Control your Smart Home devices easily

    Using Amazfit Verge you will be able to control your Smart Home devices. No need to look for your smartphone or remote control, all the operation can be done in a second.

    Small but smart

    Built-in voice assistant

    These watches are more than just an accessory. It can become your personal assistant to solve your problems. Xiao AI can remind you about some important events, or tell a joke to make you happier.

    Reliable guardian of your health

    11 Sports modes

    • GPS+GLONASS binary positioning

    The device supports 11 modes to measure your sports activity. So don’t stop and be active in every aspect of your life.

    Huami added GPS+GLONASS binary positioning system to accurately record your activities and tell you about the burned calories.

    • Optical Heart Rate Sensor

    The AMAZFIT smartwatch uses a new generation of high-precision optical sensors and algorithms for more accurate monitoring and lower power consumption. The all-day heart rate recording function allows you to see your heart rate changes throughout the day, discover abnormalities in time, and maintain your health.

    5 days of battery life

    Talking about smart devices it is not easy to provide a long battery life especially in a smartwatch with a wide range of functions and bright display. But a battery life was always the benefit of Amazfit. The product development team spent 10 months optimizing system power consumption.

    That’s why Amazfit Verge can boast with 5 days of battery life.

    Stunning AMOLED display

    • 1.3 inch

    Amazfit Verge has a 1.3inches AMOLED display which is stunning and detailed. Moreover, you can enjoy the dial’s designs.

    Excellent wear-resistance

    3 colors available

    To provide you more comfortable wearing experience the company used a special manufacturing process.

    The watches will be suitable for different wrists sizes. The model is available in three color options: blue, gray and white.

    Variety of well-designed custom dials

    Each dial built into the AMAZFIT smartwatch has been carefully designed by an elite design team. Use them to express your mood.

    Coollaboration with Territory Studio

    Huami Company also put a lot of effort into creating the watch dial. The users can change them according to their own preferences. The company created three dials in collaboration with Territory Studio. The Territory Studio has worked with Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount, and other Hollywood Studious. Sounds intriguing!

    “The first design is called Rings. It fits your steps, calories burned, and batteries into concentric circles. The second is called Salkan. It sneaks the user’s last six to eight hours of activity into a tiny line graph on the face, condensing a day of activity into mere millimeters. The final face is Spiked. At first, it appears to be beautiful, pink-and-blue nonsense. In fact, it’s a real-time visualization of the left ventricle and right atrium contracting during your heartbeat, gathered from your pulse. It’s data overkill, but Romances views it as a responsibility to bring that information forward to the user.”

    “Most industrial design and interface design results from the assumption that form follows function; it makes sense that an object is shaped by the way it’s going to be used. Territory operates in exactly the opposite direction. The team comes up with graphics it likes first, then considers how data might be mapped to those visuals.”

    Source: www.fastcompany.com

    Make and answer calls

    When your phone calls, your wrist can feel the vibration and ringing reminders from the watch. You can easily answer the income call without using your mobile phone.

    * Watch answering, making calls only support Android phones, you need to maintain Bluetooth connection status with your phone.

    Read messages on your watch

    This 1.3-inch display allows you to easily read the text messages without the need of taking a smartphone from your pocket.

  • Specifications




    Amazfit Verge



    Strap length


    Body material

    Reinforced plastic


    1.30″ AMOLED
    resolution 360×360
    Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating



    Dial diameter

    43 mm

    Strap material

    Detachable silicone strap, PC material buckle


    512M RAM

    4 GB built-in flash memory
    User available space is about 1.9GB


    1.2 GHz dual-core processor


    NFC Support, Smart Home Control,Voice Assistant


    PPG heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometric pressure sensor, ambient light sensor.

    System Requirements

    Mobile phones that support Bluetooth 4.0

    Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above


    AMAZFIT OS operating system (based on Android system)


    Bluetooth 4.0 Classic+BLE, WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g WiFi, NFC


    Microphone, speaker

    Waterproof level

    IP68 (does not support swimming, shower)



    Charging mode

    4 pin-pogopin


    390mAh Lithium Polymer

    Battery Life

    5 days



    Package Contents

    Smartwatch x1

    Silicone strap x1

    Dedicated USB charging cable x1

    User Manual x1

    User Manual PDF


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Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue
Amazfit IoT Verge Smartwatch Blue