Asus is losing ground against Xiaomi

Laptops and mobile phones of the famous Taiwanese brand Asus lose ground against their rival - Chinese company Xiaomi. The reasons may be different, however, it should be noticed that Asus don't produce business models of it's devices which, by the way, are the forte of Xiaomi due to the harmonious reconciliation of high performance and affordable cost, - according to the newspaper China Times.

Taiwanese businessman Wang Xiao-chun, known for his passion for Asus gadgets, has recently acquired Asus mobile phone costing more than NT $ 20,000 (US $ 663) after using four laptops of the same brand.

To date, the businessman can only sigh in despair, noticing his favorite  Asus "artistic masterpieces" on the market along with the devices of the new smartphone maker Xiaomi. Advantages are obvious: a cheaper cost, more powerful operating system and the better software.

For example, the Built-in in Xiaomi smartphones photo feature can help users determine the age of the subject in the photo and make it look newer using special presets.

Wang says it's not the fact that the quality of Asus devices is lower than Xiaomi's and draws a particular attention to the difference in the mentalities of the two CEOs of the leading companies that differ significantly. This fact explains the two different philosophies of the two companies.

Xiaomi company initially positioned as a company that designs software, while Asus initially performed as the equipment manufacturer. Xiaomi has provided an opportunity to update their software to meet the needs of most customers, while Asus engineers pooled their efforts on making the design smooth, while other responsibilities were entrusted to marketing department, - says Wang.

Without further embellishments it should be noted that the Xiaomi managed to create a considerable stir,at the same time attracting a record number of sales at lightning speed. In such a way the company saves money on inventory and tries to stimulate an increase in software sales. While Asus has not only a place to store their gadgets, but must constantly work to maintain their plants and, therefore, can not afford reducing the cost of its gadgets.

While comparing these two companies, it is clear that the company is losing ground against the Chinese Xiaomi. If Asus wants to regain its consumer market, the company should firstly think about changing its strategy.

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