Keeping Up with the Xiaomi #2

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Keeping Up with the Xiaomi — is the latest news about new devices from Mi ecosystem.
Don’t miss if want to be aware of modern technology for convenient life.

Xprint Phone Photo Printer

The Xprint Company presented new Phone Photo Printer. This portable photo printer has really small size — only 133*80*27mm and can print photos from your smartphone that supports Android 5.0 and above or iOS 9.0 and above. The device is not bigger than the usual smartphone. The design is traditional classic white.

But one of the main features is the ability to make the AR photos. It looks like the usual photos, but under the lens of a smartphone camera, they will come alive.

The young generation will certainly like this modern gadget.

Philips Rui Chi Candle Light Bulb

Useful and functional devices — the strong suit of the Chinese corporation Xiaomi. At this time on the official Xiaomi crowdfunding were presented two energy saving LED light bulbs — Philips Rui Chi Candle Light Bulb.

LED light bulbs have E14 screw base. The tube is made in the form of a flower. However, it can be seen only in one of the options Philips Rui Chi Candle Light Bulb with transparent walls. The second option was frosted glass.

They can be adjusted through a special application installed on the phone, for example, to change the degree of brightness — yes, yes, it is also possible. For example, the same lamp can be used for bright room lighting or as a nightlight.

Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdriver

In January, Xiaomi replenished with a new universal screwdriver Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdriver. The novelty consists of two parts: a massive handle and a rod directly made of high-strength steel.

Screwdriver Bits here can be replaced — there are 26 of them. They are securely fixed to the rod thanks to a special mechanism that does not allow the tips to hang out and fly out. The handle is ergonomic and fits comfortably in the hand. Color — black and red. It should be noted that the handle is the storage for all 26 tips: remove the lid and pull out the two-level collapsible "pencil case".

The universal Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdriver has already won many awards such as the Red Dot Award, 2016 IF Design Award, the 2017 Stuttgart Design Award, and the 2018 German Design Award.

inFace Sonic Ion Facial Cleansing Massage Device

Get professional results at home with this new device for personal beauty care

This device will treat all your skin care concerns. Diminish wrinkles, tighten skin and encourage production of new skin cells. Sonic vibration helps to cleanse deeply yet gently oil, dirt, and makeup.

Diminishes inflammation, kills bacteria from within while preventing future issues. Calms and balances the skin tone and encourages even pigment production which will leave the skin smooth and bright and more youthful.

Xiaomi GTS Light-weight Sports Shoes

Sports shoes for men that will be ideal for everyday wearing. Special technology provides the maximum comfort for the foot. The manufacturer says that you won’t feel tired even after the long day of wearing. TPU material provides the reliable foot fixation and durability of the shoes. Maximum safety with anti-slip protection. Breathing netting material — you will feel comfortable even on a hot day.

This sports shoes will be ideal for men who prefer simple classic style and will be suitable for every look.

Lip Balm by Beauty Cosme

One of the Xiaomi partners — Beauty Cosme launched at the Crowdfunding Plattform new Lip Balm.Do you know the problems when your lips crack and it makes you feel uncomfortable? Beauty Cosme Lip Balm will create the special protective cover on your lips. Now the negative influence of the weather won’t scare you anymore. The active components will perfectly feed and moisturize your lips.

Lip Balm has a form of usual lipstick and will easily fit in a pocket or even in a small bag.

MIJIA A&D E-Cigarette With Loaded Vitamins

This is an example when such usual thing like the E-cigarette can become a beautiful accessory. Many people who are smoking always hear the complaints about bad small and the сarcinogenic effects of smoke.

But the Mijia Brand has launched the alternative way for smoking people — the E-cigarette. There is a pack of 4 E-cigarette sticks. Moreover, it has healthy components like Vitamin C, A, B6, E, B12, coenzyme Q10 etc.

Matte texture, bright colors. Automatic operating of the air-flow and smart sensors that stop working when you don’t use it.

Do you smoke the usual cigarettes? What about choosing the healthy one way?

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