The Universal Home Assistant By Roidmi

Smart gadgets have become our irreplaceable assistants over the past few years. But the problem remains that most of these gadgets are still manually controlled. When it comes to cleaning, it would be cool to completely delegate this issue to a smart device and relax.

The new Roidmi EVA can help with this issue. This is a robot vacuum cleaner that combines the functions of wet and dry cleaning. The model is equipped with a cleaning dock station that charges and prepares the device for the next cleaning. In addition to this, the dock station provides self-cleaning for the device. So there is no need to control this process.

The charging station has 4 buttons that make it easy to control the gadget. An excellent solution for seniors who do not know how to use a smartphone. But the smartphone control is also supported.

The base station has three internal compartments - a reservoir for clean and dirty water and a dust container.

The LDS scanner is responsible for the movement of the device using the SLAM algorithm, which automatically scans the entire house and draws a map. LDS also has a high degree of sense, which can prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from getting stuck under the furniture and can also detect clothes placed on the floor.

The vacuum cleaner is able to easily overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high. For wet cleaning, the device uses 2 brush attachments, which rotate in opposite directions during operation, simulating manual floor cleaning. The rotation speed of the nozzles is 180 rpm, so it washes the surface and polishes it too.

After cleaning, the device automatically returns to the charging station, where it cleans the mop attachments and changes the water.

The novelty is currently available on the crowdfunding platform and has already received a lot of support.

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