Utra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner Has Been Unveiled By Mijia

Xiaomi has unveiled its thinnest robot vacuum cleaner with a height of 5.5 cm and a diameter of 323 mm - Mi Home (Mijia) Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Thanks to the thin design, the robot vacuum cleaner can get into hard-to-reach places under the furniture.

Despite its compact size, Mi Home (Mijia) Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner has all the necessary features like its predecessors. The model received S-Cross 3D new navigation system and ToF camera. Thanks to it the vacuum cleaner can recognize small objects like slippers, children's toys etc.

The suction power is 2000 Pa, and the volume of the dust bin is 500 ml. The model supports wet and dry cleaning. Yes, it's hard to believe but this small cleaning appliance contains even a water tank (220 ml volume).

It supports four modes of operation with different suction power. The 3200 mAh battery gives up to 100 minutes of operation. The charging time is about four hours. The noise level of the device does not exceed 65 dB.

Mi Home (Mijia) Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner supports voice control and can be connected to a smartphone (via Mi Home app).

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