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    Xiaomi's new Mi Bluetooth speaker has an all-aluminum body and a 1,500mAh battery that should be good for up to 8h of music playback.

    The Mi Bluetooth speaker offers built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) courtsy of a Anerva AV3102 chipset.

    Known simply as the Mi Bluetooth speakers, these come in a variety of trendy colors and even sport a microSD card slot for music playback. There's an Auxiliary in port (AUX) as well, so you can connect your devices to the speakers that way. The body is made of aluminum which provides a very premium look.

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    Not only the pretty appearance, but functionality

    Xiaomi’s new Mi Bluetooth speaker has an all-aluminum body and a 1,500mAh battery that should be good for up to 8h of music playback.

    The Mi Bluetooth speaker offers built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) courtsy of a Anerva AV3102 chipset.

    Known simply as the Mi Bluetooth speakers, these come in a variety of trendy colors and even sport a microSD card slot for music playback. There’s an Auxiliary in port (AUX) as well, so you can connect your devices to the speakers that way. The body is made of aluminum which provides a very premium look.

    The size of a pencil box

    Naturally, the speakers are also capable of receiving phone calls while connected to a smartphone thanks to a dedicated microphone, which makes this a versatile product.

    Xiaomi rates the speaker to reach loudness of up to 90db measured at 0.5m, but has reportedly been optimized for low distortion at high volume levels.

    As far as the technicalities are concerned, the Mi Bluetooth Speaker features a frequency response of 85Hz-20KHz, and a maximum output power of 3W.

    The Mi Bluetooth Speaker boasts an aluminum body, and features dimensions of 168×24.5×58mm. It also just weighs 270 grams. The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker comes in Gold, Blue and Pink colors.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer: Xiaomi
    Model: Mi Bluetooth Speaker
    Dimensions: 168 x 24.5 x 58 mm
    Maximum output power: 3W x 2 (4 ohms, THD <1%)
    Bluetooth: 4.0
    Microphone: Handsfree
    Frequency Range: (-10 dB): 85 Hz - 20 kHz
    Battery capacity / voltage: 3.8V, 1500mAh
    Battery charging time: 2.5 hours
    Battery life time: 8 hours
    USB powered: 5V / 2A
    Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 45 ° C
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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Pink
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Pink
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Pink
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Pink