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    Your Bluetooth remote control for Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light is broken or lost? It is not a problem anymore! You can buy the new additional one.

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    If some trouble has happened with your Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light Bluetooth Remote Control dont worry. The Yeelight experts took care of you and released the line of this useful gadgets for selling them separately.

    The console is light, the body is made of white plastic. Work of the gadget is provided by replaceable battery.

    The Bluetooth remote control not only can turn on or off the lamp and adjust the brightness but also it can adjust the color temperature.

    Simple, easy and convenient, this small device will help you easily control the lighting at your home.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Yeelight
    Product type Remote Control
    Model Yeelight Remote Control
    Color White
    Package 1x Yeelight Remote Control
    User Manual PDF -
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Yeelight Remote Control
Yeelight Remote Control