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    The MIJIA Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 monitors room temperature and humidity throughout the day. This tiny device displays these values ​​on its display to help you keep them at an optimal level. There is a smiley next to the indicators, which symbolizes how close they are to the generally accepted norm. The device can be used anywhere; it can be installed at home, in the office, in school or university classrooms, and in other areas. In addition, it is suitable for individual use since its compact size allows you to carry it with you and monitor the microclimate wherever you are. The gadget can synchronize with a smartphone and transfer measured values ​​to it.

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    Temperature and Humidity Monitor

    Temperature range:

    0...60 °C

    Thermometer accuracy:

    ±1 °C

    Thermometer resolution:

    0.1 °C

    Measured humidity range:

    0...99.9 %

    Hygrometer resolution:

    1 %


    1 × CR2032




    43 × 43 × 12.5 mm


    43 g

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MIJIA Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2
MIJIA Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2