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    Soundbar — the basis of TV

    The next generation of Smart TV

    Independent acoustic system

    New era of changes

    1925 was marked by the appearance of the first black-and-white TV. 25 years later came the era of color television, and in the 90s there were LCD TVs. Each time TV has been evolving and filled people with new emotions and experiences. Introduction to the market of Mi TV also caused a kind of revolution, because it has many innovations that make your life more comfortable. Enjoy smart life!

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    jeet thapa 17 Jun 2018

    im waiting for mi tv with sound bar

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    vyas Vishnuprasad 01 Nov 2015

    What a wonderful Idea. To increasing sound and picture quality.

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    Soundbar — the basis of TV

    The next generation of Smart TV

    Independent acoustic system

    New era of changes

    1925 was marked by the appearance of the first black-and-white TV. 25 years later came the era of color television, and in the 90s there were LCD TVs. Each time TV has been evolving and filled people with new emotions and experiences. Introduction to the market of Mi TV also caused a kind of revolution, because it has many innovations that make your life more comfortable. Enjoy smart life!

    • Compatibility
      Support for different screens
    • MStar 6A928
      Flagship chip
    • Sound quality does not inferior
    • 1 billion dollars of investments for rich content
      Content of more than 440 000 hours
    • Metal case design

    No need to change the screen

    Easy optimization of your TV

    According to Moore’s Law, each generation of TV chipset works x2 times faster, or its cost is reduced by half, and after 18 months, its performance is also reduced by half. To solve this problem, we have created the main device for Mi TV. Its subtlety lies in the fact that for TV modernization, there is no need to change 70% of the cost of the TV screen. You will need to purchase inexpensive modernized main unit and again, you will keep pace with innovative progress of TVs.

    Basis of TV

    Center of smart homes

    Rich input interface, one HDMI, two USB, VGA, network interface, AV, port RF, cable TV connection, game console, computer, set-top boxes, music player, DVD, laptop, support for the network cable, flash drives. A complete set of TV interface, you will not have any problems connecting different devices. Thus, one device acts as the base of the TV, set-top box, power amplifier, audio system. After it has been connected, a regular TV turns into a flagship Smart TV. It supports HDMI output, and the ability to connect the projector, screen and even SONYVR. Make your TV modern and smart!

    • Gaming device
    • DVD
    • Laptop
    • Projector
    • Screen
    • VR

    Impressive powerful features

    Powerful and high-performing flagship chipset MStar6A928 4-core Cortex-A17 processor with a frequency of 1.4GHz CPU and 4+4 cores processor Mali-760 MP4 GPU. Amazing power and speed, it is another step towards the perfection.

    Built-in independent sound system

    HiFi sound quality

    In the science of acoustics is highlighted so-called law of “The bigger the better”, the essence of which is that the bigger is the sound channel, the better and easier is sound extraction. Given the fact that the ultra-thin TVs are in great demand, but their sound channel is becoming smaller, resulting in sound quality decrease, many brands of TVs also offer a separate independent Soundbar, the price of which is often exceed the cost of the TV. Soundbar for Mi TV has a HiFi sound quality, so you can enjoy a distinctive and expressive sounding of each sound.

    • Volume of the audio channel is 2l
    • Low tones 60Hz
    • High Tones 22KHz
    • Dolby Audio

    High tech

    The inner and outer beauty

    Metal casing, designed laconic style are allowing Mi TV Soundbar to feature in rooms with different designs. It can be said with confidence — a compact arrangement of all the major components, integrated circuits and printed circuit board — it’s like a work of art.

    Increased content for 83%

    Up to 440,000 hours of various movies, including new films of 2015

    Hollywood movies, TV serials, popular TV shows, sport events, various concerts.

    MIUI TV Edition

    Over 150mln users worldwide

    A wide variety of useful and practical features. Updated interface, quick search of the desired movie; baby photo album — grandparents can view photos of the child, being far from him; when you are going to bed, your Mi Band signals to the TV, after which it will automatically switch off; demonstration of contents of smartphone, tablet, PC on your big screen TV; 4K Full HD Cosmopolitan, browsing various fashion magazines on the big screen; interfacing with Mi Smart Home application, even more convenient search for films via router, control of air cleaner, water purifier and other smart devices at your home. Built-in MIUI Store with a wide range of different applications, games, lots of TV Apps, the possibility to have fun playing with the remote control or gamepad.

    • Updated interface
    • Baby album
    • Switching off via Mi Band
    • Demonstration of contents of smartphone, tablet, etc. on the TV screen

    An even more convenient way to install — on the wall

    For a more convenient placement of TV and main unit, and to save space, we recommend that you install Soundbar near to television or hang it on the wall. The only thing you need to do is to pre-order special brackets.


    Quick work, flagship chip, high performance

    MStar6A928 TV is an advanced chipset, which has a 4-core CPU and 4+4 cores processor GPU. Easy playback of Full HD video and unhindered large 3D games.

    • 4K / 60Hz
      4K chipset
    • H.265 10bit
    • Dolby + DTS
      dual audio decoding
    • 802.11ac
      2×2 double income
    • USB 3.0
      speed of up to 5Gbps
    • HDMI 2.0
      HDCP 2.2

    Unobstructed 3D Games

    Not only supports PS, XBOX and other gaming devices, but also supports various remote controls and gamepads. Cooperation with several major gaming companies, as a result it became possible to play games on the large Mi TV. Rich content includes cosplays “World 2”, “Dragon 3D”, battle “Airplane wars”, “Power of Fire TV Edition”, “Devious dungeon”, “Total destruction”, as well as classic games “The King of Fighters 97”, “Su Mon smash”, “Lightning 2015” and many other very interesting and exciting games.


    4K video playback speed to 60 frames per second

    Full support for popular video formats

    Support for H.265, H.264, H.263, MPEG4, REAL, ASF and other types of coding, as well as RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 and many other video formats. Easy playback of any video file.

    Downloading speed is less than a second

    As a result of a major TV optimization and energy saving in standby mode, you hardly need one second to switch it on with the remote control.

    2GB DDR3

    Three-channel high-speed RAM

    Soundbar is equipped with 2GB DDR3 RAM with a three-channel technology that, compared with conventional single-channel RAM, is much faster because the data transfer processor is immediately divided into three channels. As a result of acceleration of RAM, you can much easier and faster open applications, play games.

    HDMI 2.0

    USB 3.0 / HDMI2.0

    Fast data transmission

    USB3.0, HDMI2.0 are advanced data transmission technologies. You can playback 4K video from flash drives, removable hard drives or from an external device connected via the HDMI cable, and forget about the frame delay, while enjoying quality and hassle-free video playback.

    2×2 MIMO

    802.11ac Wi-Fi Dual

    2×2 double income, 3 times faster

    Support for two-antenna 2×2 double income technology, connection speed gets up to 867Mbps, support of WiFi Beamforming technology, ensuring stable speeds for long-distance data transmission.

    BLE 4.1

    Support of advanced Bluetooth 4.1 low power consumption

    Compared with Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 4.1 connection speed is even higher, data transmission is more reliable, the data transmission efficiency is improved, and it is also possible to receive data with simultaneous connections of multiple devices.

    Melodious sounds

    Sound quality is comparable to the Hi-Fi

    We have taken into account and followed all the important aspects of Hi-Fi sound quality. As a result of our hard work, all high frequencies sound clear and loud, average — are more stable and low tones are even deeper. Now, every melody has become even greater and richer.

    • Rich volume
    • Hi-Fi sound
    • Crisp and clear high tones
    • Deep low tones

    Reconstructed speaker

    For a more enjoyable listening experience, we used a completely new design and tried to optimize the size of speakers, their quantity and parameters, resulting in bass sound quality exceeding our expectations, high tone became more pure and ringing, due to a combination of 20 audio filters, amplitude-frequency characteristic has become broader, and the sound quality is much higher.

    • 2.5-inch
      woofers x4
    • 20 audio filters
      tweeters x2

    Volume of audio channel is increased by 67%

    According to quantity and size of audio speakers, audio channel volume of 2L provides volumetric and quality sounding.

    Voiced high tones, sustained medium and deep low tones
    High tones can exceed the capacity of perception of sounds by human ear, low tones are more flexible.

    • 30/60Hz
      Low Tones
    • 22KHz
      High Tones


    Covering 500m2 of space

    Maximum volume of more than 102dB ©, volumetric and dynamic sound.

    Test conditions: conference hall with an area of 20m2.

    Hi-Fi sound

    Electrical Distortion <1%, sound quality is not inferior to Hi-Fi. Hear every detail, in its original undistorted sound, while watching a movie or listening to music.

    Sound accompaniment of a game is no less important than the game itself

    Built-in Dolby Audio technology, surround sound, bass boost, high-quality sound dialogue, auto volume adjustment. While playing in the living room, you can feel your personal presence in certain surroundings.

    • Surround
    • BASS boost
    • Great dialogue sound quality
    • Automatic volume adjustment

    Acoustic tuning by highly qualified specialists

    Luca Bignardi

    • 4-time winner of the Grammy Awards
    • Music producer of world-class and high-class sound

    Wang Fu Yu

    • 24 years of experience in acoustic modeling
    • Member of the International Audio Engineering Society (AES)
    • Former director of the acoustic design and structuring of the Philips

    The inner and outer beauty

    Innovative technology of Soundbar outer contours

    Metal processing technology + anodized aluminum alloy

    7 buttons

    Easy to use

    • Button CH, switching FM stations
    • Button PLAY, track play button

    Highly accurate allocation of internal components

    Using a six-layered material, with an area decreased by half. In a range of less than 0.3m2 was taken by the core of the main unit, around which are located chip and other main units. All these fully resembles a work of art.

    Individual Mi Port (Mi Line)

    For connection of the main unit to TV screen

    Feel free to say goodbye to dozens of different cables, because now you only need one cable via which are going power supply, audio and video data.

    Rich interface ports

    Family Fun Center

    HDMI x3, USB x2, VGA, Network, AV input, RF TV, cable TV connection port and set-top box, port to connect a PC, gaming devices, audio player, power cable, USB drive. Rich interface, connect any device and get a lot of fun from watching, listening and other entertainments.

    + 83%

    Content update

    up to 440 000 hours

    10 million dollars for the creation of the largest content, containing a variety of videos. Within a few months, the content of video files has increased from 240,000 to 440,000. A wide selection of Hollywood movies, many different TV programs, more opportunities to watch online broadcasts and so on.

    Xiaomi has licenses of 4 large websites

    Absence of an annual fee, even more of content

    • GITV
    • ICNTV
    • Hua Shu TV
    • Mango TV

    Grossing films of Hollywood

    Year 2015, Xiaomi will present the best Hollywood movies, so stay tuned

    Films, earned billions of dollars in international box office

    Until 16 of October 2015, Xiaomi’s website has 54 films that have earned billions of dollars in international box office.


    Live concerts, sports games and eSports
    As of today, Xiaomi has conducted a live broadcast of Tan Weiwei concert, 2015 concert liveshow Zheng Jun, Super cup in Italy, R8LMS Cup 2015, men’s basketball championship, the US Open in tennis and other activities.


    To create the largest content, Xiaomi is cooperating with HuaCe Film & TV, Huashi TV, Sun Shine TV, Hoirun TV and other large sites that contain a large number of different films.


    To create a large “library” of various TV programs, concerts, etc. Xiaomi is working closely with Mango TV, Aiqiyi, Souhu, PPTV, Best TV, and many others.


    Large anime content, thanks to cooperation Xiaomi with such websites as Aiqiyi, Mango TV, Souhu, PPTV, Lekan TV, Xiaohuozi TV and many others.


    Large storage of documentaries, thanks to cooperation Xiaomi with such websites as V.ifeng, CCTV, Aiqiyi, Souhu and many other websites.


    Over 150mln users worldwide

    Easy to use and powerful operating system for each MIUI TV Edition, every month there are new functions and new features, support for Mi Smart devices at your home. Use your TV not only for watching movies, but for a variety of other entertainment.

    Updated interface

    For a more convenient and pleasant viewing

    Previously, you could infinitely switch from one channel to another in search of something interesting. Now, in MIUI TV all programs can be classified and enjoy a new, more convenient way to find some channels or programs ... .All it becomes even easier and more convenient.

    Your baby’s photo album

    Ability to remotely watch as the child grows

    The older generation has always liked to watch kids, view photos of grandchildren, waiting for their next meeting. Now parents can add every day new photos of their children, which can then be viewed by grandparents, being away from their grandchildren. TV can also connect to Xiaomi cloud photo album to share pictures of children with other relatives and close friends.

    Remote voice control

    Remote control has only 11 buttons, it has evolved to a stage where it can recognize your voice instructions. Lightly press button (home) and say the name of the film, actor’s name, genre of the film and TV will immediately find requested information for you. While watching TV series, say to TV episode number, which you want to watch. You can even use voice commands to switch off TV within 5 minutes.

    Turn your living room into a gym

    Mi remote control has 6 embedded Bosch sensors, which clearly and quickly respond to every movement of the player. Fully feel yourself like a participant of the gameplay.

    (Voice Remote Control is not included in standard set, it must be purchased separately)

    Pairing With All Smart devices in your smart home

    Built-in TV Smart Home App allows you to view movies stored on the router, control and regulate operation of the air cleaner, water purifier and even check information on your Mi Band.

    • Mi purifier
    • Mi router
    • Mi air cleaner
    • Mi Power socket
    • Mi Band
    • Mi Yi camera

    If you fell asleep, the bracelet will turn off the TV

    A new feature in the Smart Home App allows to no longer set timers on TV. Once Mi Band will find that you fell asleep, it immediately gives a specific TV signal, after which it will automatically switch off.

    * It is necessary to update the latest version of MIUI

    Pairing with Yi camera

    Remote monitoring of children’s room

    If your child went to sleep during the day and you want to look for him, but afraid to wake him up, do not worry. Because of Mi Yi camera, you can open a small window on the TV screen and watch children’s room in full screen.

    Even more games, more entertainment

    MIUI TV Edition has provided us with a remote control, which can also be used for a more realistic and live gameplay. But you can also use gamepad. In cooperation with dozens of companies producing games, in this year is expected to release a large exclusive FPS shooter online game “Bullet Rush” and online fighting game “War Blade”.

    Exclusive home App Store

    If you want to tell your child a fairytale, listen to music, practice yoga or gymnastics, Mi TV App Store will provide you with a wide range of different applications to suit every taste, and every member of the family will find something that it will be most interesting.

    Wireless image projection of the smartphone, tablet, PC on the TV screen

    While playing the game on your phone, tablet or computer, watch all the action on the big screen TV. Thanks to RRT wireless projection, you can easily view, reproduced on a smartphone or tablet, movies on the TV screen.

    Wide opportunities through interactive TV with your smartphone

    MIUI TV Edition supports connectivity with smartphones, which are based on the Android system and iSO. Browse photos on the big screen TV.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Xiaomi
    Model Mi TV Bar
    CPU Mstar 6A928,Quad-core 1.4GHz Cortex-A17
    GPU Mali-760 MP4, 4 + 4-core
    RAM 2GB,Three-channel DDR3
    Flash 8GB,eMMC 5.0
    Wireless config WIFI - Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, support Beamforming
    WiFi Antenna - 2x2 dual antenna, double signal
    Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.1 / BLE low power consumption
    Bluetooth - Independent Bluetooth antenna , you can connect multiple devices simultaneously
    Bluetooth antenna - mouse , keyboard, headphones , audio, and other wireless devices
    Ports HDMI - HDMI 2.0 x 3
    VGA  - 1
    AV - 1
    Analog signals DTMB - 1
    USB - USB 2.0 x 1,USB 3.0 x 1
    SD slot - No
    Ethernet -1
    Audio Output -1,Support 2.5mm Line Out connection subwoofer
    Audio decoding DOLBY, DTS double decoding audio Dolby sound
    After treatment The latest Dolby sound technology,Virtual Surround,Bass Boost,To Bai Zengqiang,Automatic volume adjustment
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    jeet thapa 17 Jun 2018

    im waiting for mi tv with sound bar

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    vyas Vishnuprasad 01 Nov 2015

    What a wonderful Idea. To increasing sound and picture quality.

    Was this comment usefull? Yes +50 No -65
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Xiaomi Mi TV Bar
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