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    55-inch 4K Mi TV 2 has a 15.2mm ultra-thin frame and just 6 mm bezel on three sides. One would assume that Xiaomi is using cheap materials to keep the price low, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The 55-inch 4K display (3840 x 2160 pixels) is manufactured by Samsung.

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    Kamlesh Singh 26 Dec 2017

    Really as of now I see the Xiaomi LED 55 inch 4K on youtube , it is really advance technology features in it within expected price and waiting to buy .

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    Nagpal Anuj 09 Nov 2015

    Are people out of their mind replying eagerly waiting in customer reviews ?

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    bandari shivakumar 09 Oct 2015

    I am eagerly waiting for the launch of this product and more mi products in India { Hyderabad }.

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  • Full description

    New Mi TV 2 4K

    New TV is based on the original LCD panel  4K from Samsung and has a first-class illumination from company Radiant Opto-Electronics, and 4th generation  ultra-high quality graphics chipset Mstar, demonstration of exceptional image quality in 4K.

    MStar 4th generation

    Graphics 4K

    Original Samsung

    4K LCD display

    Worldwide  highest level

    Radiant Opto-Electronics illumination

    Original Samsung LCD

    Original Samsung LCD RGB, resolution up to 3840 x 2160, Full HD 1080P, viewing angle of 178 °, ultra fast 8ms response and contrast of 4000: 1.

    First-class illumination
    Good screen needs good illumination, LCD doesn’t light itself, so it needs a high-quality light, as it plays an important role in image quality. As a result of cooperation of Mi with first-class company Radiant Opto-Electronics we have an ultra-thin bottom backlight that distributes brightness evenly. Guarantee of excellent graphics quality.

    Illumination of Apple products

    All iMac, MacBook, and 80% of iPad uses Radiant backlight

    8 smart lighting sectors

    Even more impressive results of brightness and contrast

    The backlight of 55-inch Mi TV 2 supports dynamic sector regulation. Image division into 8 sectors, sensor perception of light and shade image in real time, resulting in better and more accurate regulation of light and dark areas of the screen. Black becomes deeper, White - cleaner, and the image on the screen - brighter and more beautiful.
    12 points in technology improvement of image quality, Full HD

    A clear picture of tiny details

    For the 55-inch Mi TV 2 ultra graphics quality chipset  MStar 4th generation is used, optimization of speed demonstration of each frame in real time, a clear and sharp image, a smooth transition in every detail.

    10 points in color improvement of screen technology

    Each frame is brighter and more natural

    55-inch Mi TV 2 is able to detect  face (or skin color) on the screen, and make color more vivid and natural in real time. A special sensor also determines presence and location of blue, green or red colors and makes them more colorful and rich. Before releasing products from the plant, specialists thoroughly test and adjust color settings to ensure that each frame will have natural bright colors.

    Cinema level, an independent speaker system

    Complectation:  Soundbar 621 speaker and a wireless aluminium subwoofer

    Built-in latest audio technology Dolby, to create a feeling of being in a movie theater

    A small but powerful Soundbar

    6 full-size + 2 high frequency speakers

    The sound bar is equipped with 6 full-size independent and 2 high frequency speakers, simultaneous operation of eight speakers, a surround sound. Incredible is the fact that the total length of 874mml, can reach up to 100 dB with low sound distortion, room coverage up to 500sq.m.

    Excellent aluminum wireless subwoofer

    6.5” subwoofer + 6.5” dependent radiator

    It is a new aluminum wireless subwoofer, using a combination of 6.5-inch subwoofer + 6.5” dependent radiator provided to reduce the volume to 6L, we can still guarantee a super sound and an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of music and hear every elegant and stunning sound effects. Comfortable Bluetooth, so it can be placed anywhere.

    The latest audio technology Dolby

    Incredible cinema effect

    55-inch built-in 2 Mi TV best audio technology Dolby, an independent sound system, natural-sounding audio effects. In addition, discrimination and strengthening of human voice, a clear reproduction of dialogue, an incomparable audio and video entertainment.

    Built-in Bluetooth

    Support and wireless playback from a mobile, tablet, laptop

    In addition to supporting digital playback SPDIF, analog connection to your television and other special devices, 55-inch Mi TV 2 also supports wireless Bluetooth. No need to turn on the television, because after Bluetooth connection via mobile, tablet or laptop, you can play games or listen to music, etc.

    Looks the same as it sounds

    It is a simple design, combined with excellent audio technologies that will look like a work of art in any interior, with the ultra-Mi TV, make your home space even more modern.

    World’s first-class 4K chip

    Powerful features for playing audio and video files

    55-inch Mi TV 2 is equipped with the latest chipset 4K MStar 6A928, super powerful  video performance decoding 4K - up to 60 frames per second. Built-in most recent media-player model, options for video in various formats. Standard ports for USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, and support for dual-band 802.11ac WiFi, easy to play local or online video.

    Support for the latest decoding H.265 10bit

    High video playback performance, full support for major formats

    In 55-inch Mi TV 2 built-in best developed multi-player regardless to H.265, H.264, H.263, MPEG4, REAL, AVS or other type of coding, or RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV , TS, MP4 and other video formats, can easily reproduce.


    The newest high-speed 802.11ac WiFi - enjoy watching 4K movies

     55-inch Mi TV 2 supports the latest high-speed 802.11ac WiFi, with support for MIMO 2x2 speeds of up to 867 Mbps and support wifi beamforming.

    802.11ac 802.11n USB 3.0 port local playback of 4K movie

     Aside from 4K decode, 55-inch Mi TV 2 also has a port USB 3.0, transfer rate up to 5Gbps, by connecting a USB flash drive or hard drive to the TV via USB, you can instantly start enjoy watching 4K film. USB3.0


    Support HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 support for high-quality media- player 4K

    Quality movie playback in 4K

    Media-Player has high requirements for the TV. For example, for a media-player SONY FMP-X10 in the market, there are few television sets that are suitable for high-quality playback format HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2. The 55-inch Mi TV2 has HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 ports, so you can easily watch movies in various formats.

    1 billion USD to build a huge "store" of different films, etc.

     Mi Company invested 1 billion USD  for high-quality TV content, Mi with GITV created a "store" with more than 240 thousand hours of various movies, TV series, entertainment, anime and other licensed Full HD video. Everyone in the family will find something interesting for themselves. More than 240 000 hours of licensed films and other video files.

    Most exciting movies cinema novelties

    Huge variety of the most exciting films

    Availability of most exciting movies, most popular TV shows, most famous concerts and best anime. Mi TV2 is the source of the most popular, well-known and exciting films, which is constantly updated.

    The most popular TV series in 2014

     100 most frequently broadcasted TV shows in 2014 

    Best known anime for the 2014

     Watch the most exciting movies without leaving home

    With a 55-inch Mi TV 2 you can watch with the whole family movies and get good mood on this

    Got diverse abilities

    Can meet needs of any person from 3 to 80 years old

     Watch everything you want - with the Mi TV 2 it is possible. Chinese, Hollywood or any other latest films, classic movies from the site Douban, Chinese and Hollywood movies. A great "store" of  unsurpassed movies for your enjoyment. MIUI TV display, an excellent smart phone system MIUI received 100 million likes by users, so we have created a MIUI TV smart display, which is very convenient and easy to use, once you start using it, you will never change it for anything else. Incredibly fast start


    Mi TV is different by ultra low electricity consumption in standby mode, a single light touch to the sensor and the TV is already on.
    Channel Preview
    Cool way to watch TV
    In a display system of MIUI Mi TV appeared many innovations, original method of channels previewing, panoramic view of all channels and programs.
    TV Shows
    When watching TV, you can press on the remote control «confirm button (Ok)», and on screen will immediately  appear program for 24 hours. Moreover, you also can set yourself a reminder, so you under no circumstances will not miss your favorite program.
    View images from your phone, pad and laptop
    Wireless projection on TV
    With projection of images from your phone, pad and laptop on display Mi TV, you can play games or watch videos online. It is very easy to do, so that the whole family will learn this feature.

    Download mobile app
    Use TV remote control from a telephone, order movies, software upgrades for TV, take a picture on your phone and show it on a TV screen, a very comfartable feature.
    4K HD reading Cosmopolitan
     Mi TV cooperation with Cosmopolitan, Visual China, Sonde Nast, Hearst, Artron culture, Chinese National Geographic and cooperation with many other domestic and foreign media, the free provision of Cosmopolitan view with HD resolution at Mi TV, watching news, landscape, house, clothes, jewels, stars, food and more. Know your inner desires and go on the road and explore the world through the window screen Mi TV.

    Pair with a camera and Uі Mi router

    More breath-taking gameplay, continuous excitement
    Uі camera
    RІR window
    Full screen window
    Thanks to RІR window you can enjoy a wonderful TV programs and at the same time to check how your child is sleeping, no more worries ....

    Mi router
    Viewing contents of router
    Router Update


    Mi TV perfectly pairs with Mi router, so you can check via TV process of downloading of your movies, and view backup photos from your phone.

    A monthly update, continuous search of new games and entertainment

    Operating system MIUI Mi TV2 is updated every 2 months, every month, new features and new experiences. Safer individual 2x2 dual system, even if the update process terminates, then continues to operate normally.
    Thanks to a gaming device to become the center of a living room entertainment
    55-inch Mi TV 2 is equipped with a powerful 4-core Cortex-A17 processor and graphics processor Mali-760 MP4. Built Mi TV Store and Game Center, so you together with the family can perfectly spend your time playing games in the living room, listening to music, doing gymnastics, including reading fairytales to a small child or enjoy other entertainment.

    Specially made for big screen gaming
    Availability of the latest innovations of video games for different needs and purposes: just for fun, to teach children, three-dimensional, and other great games to meet people with different needs. Much effort has been spent on the production of a special joystick for Mi TV for an incredible online gaming joystick after pairing with TV over Bluetooth, you will get a lot of pleasure from the gameplay.

    Games with a joystick
    Unbelievable games with a joystick, whether visual effects from «Riptide 2", an incredible online fight «3D struggle for dominance," or excellent game era FC «Battle City 2014" - all these are now possible with Mi TV.

    Fishing joy

    Plants vs. Zombies

    Immortal racer

    Leisure, logic games
    In addition to vibrant games with a joystick, you can also play with remote control in Mi TV "Hearts», «Angry Bird», «Spot the Difference" and many other classic casual games, to help you unwind.
    Fishing joy
    Plants vs. Zombies
    Immortal racer

    Exclusive Mi TV Store for all the family
    No matter whether you turn for your child a fairytale, will listen to music, or do work out in the living room for weight loss ......... exclusive Mi TV Store will help you realize all your plans, hundreds of wonderful applications for the TV, so the whole family will enjoy from the Smart Mi TV.

    Audio and Video
    You want to watch TV - watch, you want to listen to music (audio only) - Listen
    Health and beauty
    Turn your living room into a gym, an all-knowing doctor consultation
    The perfect combination of advanced technology and design
    To create a 55-inch Mi TV 2, we held an extremely simple design by using aluminum parts with stamping, drilling, sandblasting and using other multiple technologies.

    Use of aluminum framework for narrow side of the screen frame, metal Soundbar, all-aluminum subwoofer.

    Extremely thin rim 6mm
    Fantastic aluminum alloy material
    Narrow aluminum frame 6mm embossed, drilling, sandblasting, and all this in order to create an elegant 55-inch Mi TV.
    Thickness is just 15.2mm

    Optimization of 55-inch pieces Mi TV: from the panel, backlight, PCB and to the monolithic frame construction, resulting in a depth of only 15.2mm.

    No matter you choose the TV to hang on the wall or put on a table, it will still look good.
    46mm thickness of Soundbar
    190mm diameter subwoofer
    Home Theater 55-inch Mi TV not only has a beautiful appearance, but also fabulous different acoustic properties. Over its appearance, design and acoustic features have worked together special experts and designers that have reduced the volume of the subwoofer to 6L, but preserved its unusual properties of exciting and powerful bass.

    11 simple remote control buttons
    Initially, we created for Mi TV remote control with 11 buttons location of which are so accessible and simple that even at night you can easily use it.

    Original touch panel
    Absence of buttons, easy operation

    On Mi TV 2, you will not find any buttons. To make frame looked more elegant and harmonious, in the bottom of TV, we placed touchpad. Due to dab panel, you can perform basic TV operations. New features of this simple panel, for example: a built-in sensor, infrared sensor, light sensor, ambient light sensor, wireless WIFI and Bluetooth.
    Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
    Independent built-in Bluetooth 4.0, support for up to 15pcs connected devices at the same time, with the possibility of more wireless extension. You can use a Bluetooth headset late at night to watch live broadcast of the match, without disturbing the rest of your family members.


  • Specifications
    Panel:  Original Samsung RGB true 4K screen
    3840*2160 4k
    Backlighting:  side-LED
    Viewing angle: 
    Dynamic response:
     6 ms
    Static contrast ratio
     4000: 1
    MStar 6A908 Cortex-A17 quad-core 1.4GHz
    Mali-450 MP4 4 + 2 nuclear
    1.5GBDDR3 tri-channel
    Flash memory: 
    8GB eMMC 5.0
    dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz  .   802.11a / b / g / n
    WiFi antenna: 
    2x2 dual antenna , double input double output
    Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE low power consumption
    Bluetooth antenna: 
    Independent Bluetooth antenna, which can connect up to 15 devices. such as : Bluetooth remote control, mouse, keyboard, headset, audio, and other wireless devices can connect to Xiaomi Mi TV2 .
    Built-in player: 
    built Mi-Player full format super player
    Support RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4, etc.
    Hardware decoding: 
    H.264 4k @ 60 frame H.264 4k @ 60 frame
    Other decoding
    H.263 1080P @ 30 frame, MPEG1 / 2/4 1080P @ 30 frame
    VP8 1080P @ 30 frame, REAL7 / 8/9 1080P @ 30 帧, MJPEG 1080P @ 30 frame
    Audio decoding
    DOLBY, DTS audio decoding double
    TV speakers: L / R around 2 dual-channel stereo, 2.25-inch full-range speakers.
    HDMI 1.4 x 3
    VGA x  1
    AV  x 1 
    TV  x 1  
    USB 2.0 x 1  
    USB 3.0 x 1
    Ethernet x 1  
    Audio output x 1 (support  Line Out, S / PDIF )
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    Kamlesh Singh 26 Dec 2017

    Really as of now I see the Xiaomi LED 55 inch 4K on youtube , it is really advance technology features in it within expected price and waiting to buy .

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    Nagpal Anuj 09 Nov 2015

    Are people out of their mind replying eagerly waiting in customer reviews ?

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    bandari shivakumar 09 Oct 2015

    I am eagerly waiting for the launch of this product and more mi products in India { Hyderabad }.

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    naveen 19 Sep 2015

    eagerly waiting for the launch of this product and more mi products in India

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    Devang solanki 25 Jul 2015

    Hi I impressed this product Lunch in India date pls

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    anil kumar 23 Jul 2015

    Very nice tv

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    bimal Kumar gupta 21 Jul 2015

    This is simply superb beauty ,the whole world is waiting to welcome this awesome beauty including me.

    Was this comment usefull? Yes +10 No -6
    hari kumar 19 Jul 2015

    please release this product in india.....i am waiting for long time

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Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″